Tricking Kids into Learning

As I was observing a classI found that my cooperating teacher actually tricked his students into learning about the concepts applied by the Nazis in the Holocaust. The day was actually a little dysfunctional because the students were having an assembly, so the teacher was showing an ongoing movie about the Roman Empire.  I know a movie isn’t really cutting edge technology-wise, but I didn’t think his methods should be overlooked.  As the movie was getting into how the Roman Empire was one of the best the world has ever seen due to its vast size and the length of its rule over so many people it started discussing how an empire stays so powerful. In order to keep its population in check the Romans would relocate people, also known as concentrating the enemy. In addition, if these two moved didn’t work, elimination was an option.  We all know in the Holocaust people were relocated, concentrated, and eliminated. He also specified how this was most often done in common groups of people, IE. political enemies, specific ethnicity’s, or religions. It was like a light bulb went off over each and everyone of their heads. They realized, all by themselves, that what the Nazis did was not a new idea. They did not fabricate this way of force and elimination, it had been done for thousands of years, but after the ideals of Romanticism was put into practice and people began caring about the lives of all people, not just those who were in charge.  Amazing lesson.

2 thoughts on “Tricking Kids into Learning

  1. I completely agree that this lesson was amazing. It is important to make connections for students and even by connecting an empire to the Nazi concept really helps students understand.

  2. I think this is a wonderful topic to teach your students. They will really get to understand the true history behind the Holocaust and learn to appreciate it. Great Job!

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